The cost of the most common HERS Ratings are as follows:

Duct Leakage              $125
Rough Duct Leakage  $185
Air Flow                       $20
Fan Watt Draw            $15
Retest                          $95
Site Visit                      $95
Smoke Test                 $10

CalCerts Fees             $35
Process CalCERTS certificates for you (optional)                     $35

These HERS Ratings or tests should take no longer than one hour each. The 2013 standard requires the installer or the owner builder to register as such at and set up an electronic signature (do so under "My info."). To finalize certificates they must be filled out online completely, submitted and then reviewed and approved, "Approve pdf" by the "Responsible person"

​Helpful links to learn at this site look for the following publications: 2013 Building Energy Efficiency Standards (CEC -400-2013-001-CMF), 2013 Residential Compliance Manual (CEC-400-2013-016-CMF), 2013 HERS Regulations (CEC-400-2013-011-CMF), 2013 Residential Reference Appendices (CEC-400-2013-004-CMF), 2013 HERS Technical Manual (CEC-400-2013-012-CMF), 

What is HERS?

A HERS Rating?

A HERS Rater?

HERS = Home EnergyRating System

A HERS Rating = An energy performance diagnostic test using approved protocols, procedures and the necessary tools and equipment to verify that the energy consuming component(s) of a home or building is performing most efficiently and has a passing result. The installer is responsible for making any corrections to achieve passing results. The HERS rater can only conduct the rating or test. 

A HERS Rater = A third party independent verifier trained and certified by a CEC (California Energy Commission) approved provider. In our case that is CalCERTS, Inc. The HERS rater performs ratings or tests on various energy consuming components of a home or building. The most common of these is the HVAC (heating ventilating and air conditioning) system(s). Regardless who pays for the  HERS rating the HERS rater’s first and primary obligation is to the owner of the system(s).

Green Energy Future is an approved HERS rating company providing HVAC and building professionals and owner builders the entire range of HERS ratings in all of Orange County and other Southern California Counties.

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Providing load calculations, manual J,D & S using WrightsoftIf you are new to the HERS rating world it can be frustrating. It’s OK to let off some steam, just take on more water and keep on chugging up the hill. We endeavor to spend some time with new contractors during and after the first rating to familiarize you with the process, CalCERTS web site, certificate forms and answer any questions.

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