Want to grow your business by becoming a Home Performance Contractor?

Become a participating contractor in the Energy Upgrade California program. Your remodel clients can receive up to $6,500 in rebates. You will be included on the website's list of approved contractors and enjoy free advertising by way of the program advertising.

If you do not want to invest in all the expensive equipment and software required to perform the initial assessments or test in and test out ratings we can do that for you. We are an approved Energy Upgrade California rater for single family and multifamily projects. Find out more at www.energyupgradeca.com.

Here is a great book about home performance contracting in California, click here HP textbook.

For Builders & Solar Companies

Whether you are a general contractor working on a new home construction project with or without a solar PV system if the Title 24 CF1R Report (that should be included in the plans) calls for "HERS ratings required" you will need to go to www.calcerts.com and register as a "Builder". Click on the "user self registration" tab and follow the prompts to register as a builder. It involves printing, filling in and signing a form that you will send back. When you receive a username and instructions to set a password by email, log onto your CalCERTS web page, go to "secure home", in the menu box on the left click on "My Lists" and follow the prompts to set up your installers and us as your rater by company name, Nucleus Green Building & Energy Efficiency; personal name, Salmeron, Oscar or CalCERTS no. CC2006247.

Here is a blank document of all the project information we will need to register the project so we can begin the process, click here Project Information. Be patient, it usually involves several communications with you and your energy consultant or engineer to get the project registered. ALWAYS get us on board BEFORE you begin construction so we can advise you about the ratings and when to schedule them. If your Title 24 Report requires QII HERS rating and you have already dry walled, it is too late for this rating and your energy report will have to be amended to show a lower score or TDV value. Remember to qualify for solar rebates your project must be built to 15% or better energy compliance than the standard.

Projects with solar PV that are going for NSHP or CAHP rebates require even more patience and attention to detail. Here is a document that should help you understand things better, 
click here Solar Rebate Overview. Everyone connected with a project needs to be aware that if HERS ratings are required they must be performed and have passing results to insure it meets the energy performance by better than 15% of the standard.

If you are new to the HERS rating world it can be frustrating. It's OK to let off some steam, just take on more water and keep on chugging up the hill. You will need someone who is more than just a rater but someone who can help you "take on water" and get over the hill. Please call or email if you need to, (562) 698-0818.

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