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If you are new to HERS ratings here are some first steps to take

  1. Go to and click on the user self registration tab. You will need to follow the prompts to register as an “Installer”. The “How To Videos” are helpful.
  2. You will receive a username and instructions to set a password, with these log onto your CalCERTS web page. If you are just at the home page click on “secure home page”.
  3. At the menu box on the left click on "My Lists", Submenu “My Raters”, you will see a list of raters. Select us by company name, Nucleus Green Building & Energy Efficiency or by name, Oscar Salmeron and click on “add to my list”
  4. The 3 forms you will need to have completed: CF1R = What you plan to do; CF2R = What the installer built and verified. This must be done before the CF3R can be completed by the HERS rater; CF3R = What the HERS rater verified, only the HERS rater can complete a CF3R. We will help you complete your CF1R and CF2R forms at the beginning. The 2013 standard requires you to set up an electronic signature. You can do this under "My info".
  5. To register a project CF1R for most change out jobs go to the menu box, click “Projects” then sub menu “Residential Alterations”. This will bring you to a projects listing page (no projects at first). Follow the prompts to create a 2013 standards CF1R-ALT-HVAC, look for the green circle with a plus sign inside for the 2013 standard. Fill in the blanks and use the drop down choices. Most change out jobs are going to be "Alterations" type projects not new or replacement
  6. When you have completed the CF1R it will prompt you to select your rater. If you input us in your list of raters you will see us in a drop down choice. Always say yes to the prompt to notify your rater. This is fairly simple but if you need help we will walk you through it the first time.
  7. Call us when you are ready to schedule a HERS rating. They are your customers so we ask you to schedule the HERS rating.
  9. If you want us to "Author" the forms or certificates for you click here for the additional information we must have to do so. We charge $10 per form and still you have to go to your CalCERTS web page and "Approve" the pdf as the responsible person. Since you are collecting all the information anyway it makes sense for you to learn how to complete the CF1R and CF2Rs.  

Details about the most common test, the Refrigerant Charge Verification CF3R-MCH-25:

Please look at the following chart to help you with what is required in various climate zones, click here to download the chart.
The Refrigerant Charge Verification is a two part rating/test:

  • Measure actual subcooling to make sure it is +/- 3 deg within the equipment specified subcooling.
  • Measure actual superheat to make sure it is within a range of 4 to 25 deg. Here is a helpful article about troubleshooting TXVs, click here for Trouble Shooting TXVs.
  • Verify that there is a minimum of 300 CFM per ton (based on system size) of airflow or 350 CFM per ton in new or replacement type jobs. A MAH or measuring access hole 5/16” dia. must be placed at the return plenum and a HSPP or hole for static pressure probe 5/16" dia. must be placed at the supply plenum. There are three ways to verify airflow, a flow hood, flow grid or utilizing the pressure plenum matching method with a duct leakage machine or duct blaster.We have given you a blank copy of the data collection form we use for this test, click here 2013 HERS Data Collection. Follow the picture, arrows, math signs Your tolerances are tighter, +/- 3 deg. and 4-25 deg. For systems without a TXV we are only measuring superheat not subcooling, your tolerance +/- 5 deg.

Now if you want to try on your own to complete the CF2R-MCH-25, go for it. The "How to" videos at the CalCERTS website are helpful.